About Me

Hi, I’m Neelan and this is my blog. I tend to write about advertising, technology, science, society and other things I might find interesting. There is a lot of re-posting of ideas and information that I find intriguing. I occasionally post reading-lists as well which are a set of posts which I was reading the past few days.

I live in London and work in online advertising. I’m also a useless amateur photographer and I’ve met Donald Knuth in person. (No. He didn’t ask me how I got into his house)

Feel free to ping me on any of the following IDs. I am very open to having conversations online with complete strangers who share my interests.

Twitter (@neelannair)

LinkedIn (/in/neelannair)

Facebook (/neelannair)

Quora (/Neelakantan-Nair)

If you are a spam bot, no, I am not going to be flattered by your comment stating how amazing my blog is. On the other hand, if you are human, please do let me know what you think. negative comments are much appreciated as well.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Neelan,
    Pinged you a note at quora where I’ve seen you contribute some great football answers, especially on Liverpool. Thought you might like to take a look at my (Very) new football q and a site – socqer.com As you will see it is still in beta. But it might appeal to you on a number of levels. Best, Garry Jenkins

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