We need an oil company kickstarter campaign!

Growing up, there were things which people always associated with investment. But I don’t feel any sense of security when putting my money in any of these things any more.

Gold, that shiny thing you can’t do anything with, seems like a thing with false value. You have to attribute value to something portable and some man thought “Oh! I know, lets pick gold – because its actually quite useless”. If aliens visit earth and see our love for this metal with the colour of light faecal matter, they’ll be laughing like a Malayali actor after one of his few mediocre comedy scenes.

Shares are the next thing. With a number of companies from the industry I work in going public over the last year, I’ve been seriously considering this. But its a bit like gambling. A fake science. You can never truly predict how a company is going to do – you just have to make a guess with what you know. Someone somewhere who knows more than you then makes a better guess and you lose your money. I’m not as pessimistic about this as I seem when I write this – a bit of gambling is fun.

Then we come to saving in currency. You invest your money in a currency which you think is going to go up with respect to another. But whats to say that after putting your money in a dollar bond (or whatever its called) for a 5 year period, the value of the dollar drops? Its guesswork. Why is it that people haven’t yet figured out a sure shot way of preserving the value of saved money using capitalism?

I think the best investment for a 10 year period that you can make is in oil. The value of black gold is real. People will still be using it and the amount of oil left is going to decrease driving prices ever higher. The only problem with buying oil now as an investment seems to be the difficulty in actually storing it somewhere without it evaporating.

I wonder if there is a way in which I can pre-order some oil at today’s prices for 10 years later. An oil company (which works like a co-op maybe) can use that money to drill new fields. I know – lets have it on kickstarter –  an oil company that will give oil at current prices a few years in the future 😛


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