Not yet masters of our own planet

The US can go to Jupiter but they can’t get men out from some ice in Antarctica.

There is an article in this month’s National Geographic about a plane which crashed in the Antarctic in 1946.  They were claimed by some to be the last casualties of WW2 since this happened the day before Truman declared casualties over. Three men died in the crash of the plane which was on a mission to map Thurston – some random part of Antarctica.

1946 crash, three dead marked on the wing

The casualties are still where they were when the plane crashed – hundreds of feet of ice above them now. The issue now is that the glacier they crashed in is melting. The bodies will be washed into the sea in a few years when the glacier melts and the memory and the ‘grave’ will be lost forever.

How difficult is it to retrieve people from under ice as compared to going to Jupiter? Is it a case of this not being sexy enough to get funding?

Edit: After much snooping around I finally found a reference to this online here. It is a regular sensationalized American news report. You have been warned.


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