Why is Everything so ‘Random’?

I am guilty.

I am an incredibly randomized person.

I have more than one folder on my computer named random. I have a few facebook photo albums named random-this and random-that and I use the word, consistently, at least once a day in conversation. In fact, I had sudden urges to use the word random in different places in the last sentence. Its a word I find had to replace in my vocabulary.

I used to love you, random. But now I have had enough. And so have a lot of others. There are plenty of hate pages on facebook and I can see people cringe every time use the word in random  conversation.

Maybe I should take some of the advice offered in this essay by Jeremy Benishek and Kyle Romeis and

….. start using words like absurd, spontaneous, ridiculous, baffling, miscellaneous, etc. in place of random. This might help us break the habit of using random wherever we damn well please, particularly where it doesn’t belong.

PS: I should learn to start sentences and paragraphs with words other than ‘I’.


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