Model Thinking (Coursera)

I have been pretty excited about the prospect of being able to take classes online for free taught by some of the leaders in their respective fields. Coursera is truly on the cutting edge of education.

But I am one of the many students who have yet to see myself through a course from start to finish. The problem is its too easy to enroll on a course – so I have ended up enrolling on courses which I have only a fascination for. The fascination is quickly satisfied after 2-3 lectures after which I unenroll. This is not uncommon as I found here:

Many also noted that they never actually finished a Coursera course—they signed up and did some assignments, but got too busy with life and work to keep up. “It’s not like you have to be stressed out about whether you finished this quarter or not,” said Mr. Cao, who started but did not finish Mr. Ng’s Machine Learning course.

I have been looking for a course which I can approach with more than a random passing interest and I think I have found one!

Model Thinking is a class which extolls the virtues of thinking with models. Working within certain frameworks (or create new ones) to think improves our decision making capabilities. I have spent some 2 hours on it so far and I am hoping to devote more time to this over the coming weekend. I don’t think I’ll be posting any more about this course – if I don’t finish it!


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