Reading List

  1.  Using data to make decisions doesn’t kill creativity. It enhances it. An article on AdExchanger from a chap who works for McCann. [1]

  2. Thomas Reuters’innovation Pipeline. I had no idea about the breadth of their activities. Great video. [2]

  3. On the knowledge graph and the neatly assembled information we see on the side nowadays when we search Google [3]

  4. And Article on new programming jargon from coding horror. [4]

  5. A great article on Adotas about the great lows and, of course, the great highs of Spotify – which is now valued at close to a $1billion. [5]

  6. This is a pretty old post which I just came across. It is about life in KAUST – Saudi Arabia’s amazing university. The goods, bads and bizzares. There are also links to some pictures on Flickr. Written by an acquaintance from my days in Glasgow.  [6]

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