The name oDesk

Ever wondered why oDesk is called oDesk? Here is the conversation between the co-founders Odysseas Tsatalos (OT) and Stratis Karamanlakis (SK) that resulted in that <please insert appropriate word> name.

OT – …how about [Ed. note – Odysseas had worked with an outsourcing firm called “nostaff” while with a previous company.]

SK – sure, that sounds like a positive name for a company

OT – I bet people have taken the …sh*t its still available

SK – odesk is no good, look for idesk or edesk..

OT – You won’t believe but almost every other letter is taken for *desk unless if you prefer 

SK – I still don’t like it..

OT – you would have liked it if it were sdesk

SK – har har..

OT – We can stick a globe instead of the O you know

SK – .

OT – Or we can make it 0desk (zerodesk.)

SK – stop it

OT – I am taking it and when you find a better one we change it…

I came across this bit of trivia here. So cheers to Panos.


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