Microsoft Pivot

Microsoft Pivot is a lovely new thing from MS which hasn’t yet been launched or anything.It looks like one of the breakthrough things in information visualization (or organization/interaction ~ whatever you want to call it, its all the same).

Here’s the chap behind the product presenting it at a TED event.

Every once in a while a product come along which give me a feeling that 5 years down the line I’ll think ” How did I get by without this thing?”. Pivot seems like a product in that direction. The demo seems to make great sense when it comes to browsing for media rich data. The big question is how it works for text rich things like papers or blogs.

Pivot applies to data what Prezi did to presentations. Prezi hasn’t really caught on because its not free and I’m not entirely sure how well it handles deep ideas – and not just pitches.

I am terribly disappointed that they had to go and do it on SilverLight, though, which just won’t run properly on my system.


4 thoughts on “Microsoft Pivot

  1. Yes, its available for download, but it works only on Windows (if I’m not mistaken). I run on an Ubuntu laptop. So its out of bounds for me, sadly.

    Do you know of any way to get it to work on a Linux platform?

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