Track Conversations on Twitter Using Twitter Search

Twitter Search included a really cool feature a while back which allows you to track a conversation on a topic. I haven’t tested it out fully yet, but the initial impression is great! It gives a whole new dimension to searching for content.

A user searching for information on a topic will be more interested in an exchange between people than a simple 140-character tweet. The amount of information that can be conveyed is very low in a 140c tweet, but very high in a searchable conversation. Ranking of these conversations based on the online reputation of the people involved in the conversation will give a really cool insight.

Similar ideas are seen on many of the Twitter Apps around. Eg. TweetDeck has a feature which lets you go through an entire conversation between 2 people. But can’t track a third person. Visualization is lacking as well.

The biggest #win that comes out of such a feature is that the searcher can quickly understand the context in which a tweet was done. What prompted someone to tweet what he/she did? That insight can mean a lot considering its very difficult to have a larger body of text – inclusive of the context – within 140 characters.

I wonder if conversations can be further extrapolated to discussions with multiple people involved.

The new developments are inspired and go a long way towards solving the lousiness of twitter search.

Related work by Miles Efron, Gene Golovchinsky


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