Trademarked Keyword Bidding in Search

(A long time ago) I came across a blog post by Jim Jansen discussing about the open bidding that trademarked keywords are open to at most search engines. Below is the paper relating to some of the research conducted in this regard.

Rosso, M. and Jansen, B.J., (2010) Smart Marketing or Bait & Switch? Competitors’ Brands as Keywords in Online Advertising. 4th Workshop on Information Credibility on the Web (WICOW 2010). World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2010), Raleigh, NC. 26-30 April.

iPhone Keyword - Nokia Ad

I was wondering if there are studies which look into the following aspects of this issue:

  1. Search ads can be targeted by Geography. So the results of this study is specific to the area(s) from which the research data was collected.
  2. Click patterns – whether these ‘imposter’ ads were actually being clicked
  3. Reasons for this happening in different regions around the world.

Is there an open way to do this? Or is this possible only by working for one of the search engines themselves?


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