Thinking about a Break from Blogging.

I am considering taking a break from this blog to focus on getting my basics back in shape.

The progress I’m making on my Fundamentals is very poor so far. My days are getting shorter, it would seem. Its 0230hrs right now and I’m going to start reading up on something. Work is not helping.

Its getting increasingly difficult for me to keep one eye on my current job and another on the future.

I have to say that I have been spending a lot of time doing ad-hoc reading of interesting papers in IR and looking for Profs who have similar interests. But then again I think I need to look more at the present and try to make better use of my time to catch up on the things I’ve lost touch of over the past year away from College.

I need to learn to walk first, before I can run. The sooner that is ingrained in my sub-conscious, the better. So as a first step, I say a short goodbye for about a 3 weeks from this blog.

All the best to me 🙂


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