Yay! I got my invite from Quora today (or should I say tonight – its 3:30am).I feel very excited every time I get an invite. That feeling of being accepted. Its almost like the feeling when you get your foot out of a tight shoe.

So what is Quora? Its a Q&A site.

So your natural 1st question should be how is Quora different from the long list of  Q&A sites, most notably Yahoo! Answers but more recently Facebook Questions?

Quora is the meeting point of Wikipedia, Twitter & Yahoo! Answers. It gives the user the right to write & modify answers in real-time to make it the best possible answer to a question. It takes the best features out of all three sites –

  • The freedom to edit answers to make them perfect.
  • The sense of obvious responsibility for the updates and changes you make since you are using your name & experience in various fields as credibility. Though this has caused problems on Wikipedia, since a trolling attacks and “for fun” vandalisms took place. Twitter had people pretending to be someone else. How Quora will ensure that this doesn’t happen will be very critical.
  • Q&A – obviously
  • The real time nature of the community means that it will be great for collaboration. I hope they can scale to number better than Twitter. 

The idea is noble and theoretically sound since we know of the success of the Wikipedia project which ran on the same basic principle. As a user, I can follow wide topics or narrow down to single questions.

The interface is good, though they need to introduce tabbed browsing within the window to increase usability. Or maybe some desktop clients will take over that job. Quora is infinitely superior to Yahoo Answers – no question about it.

There are 2 basic questions which will tell you how successful & popular Quora will be:

  1. How good will Facebook Questions be?
    If its really good, then Quora may get swept by the wayside. Facebook is sitting on a huge aggregation of users. But whether they will want to answer technical/serious questions is another matter – only time will tell.
  2. How well will Quora Scale?
    In terms of everything. Users (mass adoption), search (not another Twitter-esque flop), quality.

I frankly have no idea how this service will be successful. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious monetization strategy as of now. Another eyeballs strategy perhaps. Or maybe its the wikipedia strategy – of getting big and great enough to get funds from people.

Whatever the case, while its around, I’ll give this a lot of my spare time.

If anyone needs an invite, Just let me know!


8 thoughts on “Quora

  1. I just discovered this.Quora is free to sign up for u.s users ,so I used hot spot shield to mask my ip and once I signed up using email I no longer need to mask my ip for login .

    So if anyone is Intresred you can sign up using this method

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