The Lonely Facebook Like Button

If you ever wanted a tool to tell you that you don’t  have a like-minded bunch of friends who live on-line – its the Facebook Like Button. Every time I visit any page on any site and see the like button I feel lonely.  It says next to the button that “6,785 people have liked this”. Yet, none of those people are my friends! Thank you Micheal Bernstein for reminding me about this…

I was amazed at the simplicity of it all, when I first used the Like button. Then I realized how their open graph wasn’t exactly open. Now, I just don’t like it. (the irony)

Privacy aside, I would like one of two services. Either have no like button at all. Back to the ol’ status quo and everyone is happy. Or have a like button which allows you to connect with these unknown people who like what you like.

So it was either one of 4 reasons Facebook think it is “awesome”

Facebook button

  1. The big Facebook guys used it. They liked the concept. They think normal people with modest networks will like the idea too. (For the record, I have 650+ friends on facebook)
  2. It was made primarily for American teenagers who have a scary mob mentality and do everything the same way. On a related note, I have noticed that this follow-the-leader mentality is probably strongest in Japan followed by America – two of the most successful economies. Maybe because its easy  for the companies to target segments.
  3. Facebook didn’t really think about anything but profit and “growth” – increasing the reach of Facebook across the whole web of links.
  4. Facebook wanted people to feel lonely, the same way I do, and later when they introduce open discussion with unknown people with similar likes – you’ll be grateful.

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