Seeing your own Retina

May 29, 1960

Dr. C V Raman

Dr. C V Raman, the famous physicist, has recently developed a new technique by which, without the aid of any instruments whatsoever, it is possible for a person to view his own retina in action and observe how its different parts function in the perception of colour.

Dr. Raman said,

“The observer sits facing a white screen in a well-lighted room and views the screen through one or another suitably chosen set of colour filters held close to the eyes. After allowing a sufficient time for the observer’s vision to adapt itself to the effect of the colour filter, the latter is suddenly removed. The observer then sees on the screen a highly enlarged image of his own retina, or rather of the physiologically important central parts of it, known as the Macula Lutes. The nature of the image perceived and the colour which it exhibits in different parts depend on the colour filter used.”

Courtesy The Hindu

Has anyone tried this out? If it is really this simple, then how come it isn’t encouraged in schools when they taught us about the eye in Biology class?


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