What I Use to get Things Done on my Lucid Lynx

After using Linux for a few years now, I am quite convinced there is very little that I can’t do on my Ubuntu that you can do on a Windows system. In many cases I can do things better.

I am going to make a list. This list will be of things that are of use to me. I won’t be entering things just for academic purposes of proving there is a Linux equivalent for something I don’t use.

Use Linux (specifically Ubuntu)
Word Processing Open Office
– There are better options for formatted writing like LaTeX. I’m looking into it.
Presentation Open Office
– Its terribly chunky and not presentable.
Spreadsheets Open Office
– It isn’t great, but it works ok.
Burning CDs I haven’t burnt many Cds thanks to the external harddrives that everyone has these days.
Music Playing Songbird
– As good as, If not better than any windows specific player.
– Its available for windows as well
– Mozilla’s player, so addons aplenty
Video Playing VLC, Movie Player
Mail Client Thunderbird, Evolution.
I like Thunderbird better because its sleeker and mail is better
Virus Protection Absolutely no need
Torrent Download Deluge is the one I use. Vuze isn’t bad either. But nothing is as good as muTorrent. Can run through Wine if need be.

Update: muTorrent for Linux is in developement!
Update: i’ve started using KTorrent

Image viewing & Basic editing F-Spot photo managing is enough
Super image editing GIMP isn’t good enough I hear. But so far I’ve managed to do everything I’ve wanted to with it.
Video editing PiTiVi!
PDF viewer Okular! I feel very comfortable with this one. Lots of nice features and very light and fast.
Note Making BasKet Notes! Haven’t tried out the latest version but its fast becoming as good as any. Support for documents, pictures etc.
IRC Chat Xchat!
Project Planning openProj

What do you use? Is there something that can be added to the list or some potentially better software?


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