How to keep you Facebook Private

It seems Facebook hasn’t learnt from the Google Buzz privacy debacle. Facebook has auto signed up everyone (yes – all 500m of us users) for their new Open Graph idea. What it basically does is it puts all of your facebook account details like your friends list, interests, music, foods etc freely up for grabs for anyone who can write an API.

The privacy issues here are huge. But then as always there is a way to turn it all off

Reminds you of 1984

. Well most of it anyway.

  1. Click on Account. Go to Privacy Settings and choose the ‘Applications and Web Sites’ link. Or just Click here.
  2. Click the ‘Instant Personalization’ Settings link.
  3. Unselect the option

Also, you have the option of unselecting yourself every time you visit a new site and don’t want to be part of the facebook graph.

Now, considering how so much of your information is becoming public, I strongly recommend all of you to go through your privacy settings and setting the privacy level to the one you are omst comfortable with. You don’t want your bo

ss or teacher seeing something they shouldn’t. You also don’t want random people rummaging through your luggage.


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