The Evolution of facebook – From Dorm Room to Dining Table

To anyone wondering why i don’t have a capital ‘F’ for facebook – its because its not supposed to be capitalized!

November 2003 : A smart kid had hacked into Harvard’s records and setup a site which let users compare people and say who is ‘hotter’. The site was called facemash. The kid was called Mark Zuckerberg. He was very close to being expelled.

February 2004 : The facebook site gets going. Its named after the college “face-book” where you have all your batch-mates’ faces. It was a Harvard thing. This is how it looked when it was a week old. It was something for 20-somethings at one of the most elite schools in the world to socialise with one another.

Very exclusive.

March 2004: The network soon outgrew Harvard and moved on to other ivy league schools. Yale, Columbia and Stanford. But notice the exclusivity.

facebook first grew to schools quite like Harvard before moving on to other less-elite schools where users had contacts. This was facebook from 2005. But this was going to be big business and Zuckerberg saw the potential. (Isn’t it interesting how successful people of the new world – tech – are all Jewish!)

But what the site lost was the exclusivity. In fact, what was a site for students in ivy league schools became a site for all schools and later became a site for all people – even parents. No text can sum up the feelings of having your parents and extended family on facebook.

So here’s a song! Well, for all the silliness in the song, they basically put all my thoughts on this subject in tune 🙂


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