Simple Financial Planning for the Poor

Since I am, now, an earning person – I thought its time to start budgeting and calculating where money is spent. I considered the manual method of keeping a log, but its very tough to check back or do analysis on the total spend in the month passed.

So I started looking for budgeting – or ‘personal finance’ – software that can do the basics well while not overloading me with jargon and overkill. As of now I’m on the Ubuntu OS – so open source and cross platform tools are what I looked for. There was only one which was really all of those things.


Buddi’s features include budgeting, tracking accounts, personal finance report, and an envelope budgeting feature called Prepaid Accounts. Free plug-ins can be downloaded to add more features, like a financial dashboard & balance sheet. I haven’t tried all of it out yet.

It runs on any operating system running Sun Java Virtual Machine 1.5, including Windows, Mac OS X 10.4 and Linux.

Here are a few screenshots which I’m plugging from their site for now – since I haven’t used it enough to have any screens to shoot!

You can draw pie charts to show your data

You can draw graphs to compare the spend across the weeks which is very cool for a non-finance guy. Its an easy interface and has a few cool addons as well.

Any opinions about better planners?


4 thoughts on “Simple Financial Planning for the Poor

  1. i am no planner,but more of an analyst, ie. interested in knowing where all money went. I used the book and pen solution till now,but now have a month-end excel report. if some s/w cud automatically note down and categorize my spendings and provide the required metrics, i wud be happy to use. i am a damn lazy fellow case u thought otherwise …..

  2. Buxfer is probably the biggest player in this segment. Absolutely amazing web app, I use it to not only track my own expenses but also shared expenses. Supports multiple accounts, multiple currencies etc. And probably has it’s own iPhone app and all that. Highly recommend it. I’ve never felt the need to even try out an alternative. is another app that syncs all your financial accounts, not free though. I believe it has been developed in India.

    • OK. I didn’t think having it web based would be much of an advantage because I’ll be at home whenever I’m entering anything. But on second thought, my memory is a sieve with holes in it, so I may forget things by the time I get home. So I’ll give this a try as well.

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