Open Source House

If software can be open-source then why can’t construction? Why not have a team from around the world suggest designs to solve the unique problems related to housing?

Surprisingly, this isn’t a new idea. Architecture and design is probably the place where open source design should have started from the very beginning, in my opinion. The earliest post I can find related to open-source housing is this article by Doc Searls, who in true geek fashion, wanted to make his Dream House project as open as possible – listing out challenges and preferred design features.

Recently a new project has been started – on a much larger scale (and with a slightly nobler cause than building my dream home) called Open Source House.

They say, “The designs are brought in by architects from all over the world and are continually under construction in search of the solutions most suitable to the needs and preferences of the local buyers and future owners of these houses.”

I wonder how successful their project will be. How unselfish are architects anyway?

One thing is for sure – ventilation won’t be a problem 😉


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